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Ultimate Connexions is a full service event planning & marketing firm. Whether planning or marketing a festival, ceremony, competition, party, concert, or convention we are committed to getting you the most for your money. From concept & design to the event management, Ultimate Connexions will make your vision come to life.

Our services include:

  • developing a theme or motif for the event
  • establishing dates
  • selecting and reserving the event site
  • acquiring permits (alcohol permits, insurance licenses, etc)
  • coordinating transportation and parking
  • arranging for speakers and performers

  • coordinating location support (such as electricity and other utilities)
  • arranging decor, tables, chairs, tents, event support and security, catering, police, fire, portable toilets, signage, emergency plans, health care professionals and aid stations, and cleanup.

  • event ads (web & print)
  • event website (domain name, hosting, emails, SEO, SEM)
  • social media branding