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3rd Scenario

With a jazz style that can be best described as Cool, Smooth and Funky, producer/performers, Scott “Bugs” Allen and Earl “Tee” Harris have signed with Spectra Jazz, bringing the duo “3rd Scenario” to the roster of trail blazers.

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Minister Kai’ Brown

Minister Kai’ Brown started as a child in New Jersey, singing with my family, traveling with his crew in the 80’s and continued in the 90’s finally recording his first CD in 1995.

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Matt Cusson

The Award winning singer-songwriter Matt Cusson continues to prove he’s the real thing when it comes to sexy and soulful singing and songwriting. His trademark whispery voice, croons with a jazzy lyric tenor-like comparison to Harry Connick Jr., and style influences of Stevie Wonder and Brian McKnight.

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Hailing from Maple Heights, Ohio, JAAM is a rising name in the gospel music scene. Assembled by siblings Jewell, Amber, Andrew and Michael, the four-piece contemporary gospel-singing group performs previously recorded material with a twist of their own.

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