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Hailing from Maple Heights, Ohio, JAAM is a rising name in the gospel music scene. Assembled by siblings Jewell, Amber, Andrew and Michael, the four-piece contemporary gospel-singing group performs previously recorded material with a twist of their own. They cover popular music by artists like Kirk Franklin and Israel Houghton, but JAAM’s lively stage presence leaves a greater impression on the audience.

Due to the early musical influences of their mother, Loretta Childs, and aunt, Tawana Long, JAAM was naturally exposed to gospel-singing at a young age. Another major influence of JAAM’s musical career was national gospel recording artist, The Walls Group, whose concerts inspired the younger vocalists to reach out to their own generation as well.

In 2013, JAAM performed in numerous venues including church services, festivals and youth events.  The group hopes to spread the faith and to let others know that gospel music is here to stay. The talented artists remain grounded with the help of their biggest fans–family and friends. Although JAAM is not nationally known, they continue to showcase creativity and spirituality in each of their performances.

This fall, the gospel group plans to release their first debut single. For more information and updates, be sure to follow JAAM on Instagram and Facebook.